Change the Windows 7 login screen Wallpaper

It has nearly always been possible by one method or another to change the login and/or shutdown screen wallpapers in Windows but Microsoft has made it really simple to do in Windows 7. This does not require any third party software but will require the user to edit the Windows registry. If you are not comfortable with this program then don't attempt this change. You will also most likely require administrator privileges to make these changes.

1. Backup the registry file(s) just in case.
2. Click on the Windows start button and type "regedit" into the "search" box. Select "regedit.exe" at the top of the program list.
3. Locate following registry key
3. Now in right-side pane, change value of "OEMBackground" from "0" to "1".
4. Open explorer and open the "%windir%\system32\oobe" folder which is most likely "C:\Windows\system32\oobe"
5. Within the "oobe" subfolder, create a new subfolder called "info" and within that subfolder another called "backgrounds".
Folder path should look like this "%windir%\System32\oobe\info\backgrounds"
6. Now place your custom login screen image(s) in the "backgrounds" subfolder.
7. Rename your default wallpaper file in this folder with the name "backgroundDefault.jpg".

... and that's it. When you restart Windows 7 you should be presented with your custom login screen.

The image must be in JPG format and be less than 256kb in size.

The "backgroundDefault.jpg" image will be used and stretched-to-fit when a resolution or ratio specific background can't be found. You can also specify certain images to be used for different resolutions as follows.

background7681280.jpg (0.6)
background9001440.jpg (0.625)
background9601280.jpg (0.75)
background10241280.jpg (0.8)
background12801024.jpg (1.25)
background1024768.jpg (1.33-)
background1280960.jpg (1.33-)
background16001200.jpg (1.33-)
background1440900.jpg (1.6)
background19201200.jpg (1.6)
background1280768.jpg (1.66-)
background1360768.jpg (1.770833-)

Again all images must be less than 256kb in size

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Last modified: 11th May 2010