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Peter's Electronics Projects

Up/down Counter Project
Microcontroller Based Up/Down Counter for Props

Computer Fan Rheobus Project
A computer fan speed control with LED indicator

*** Computer LCD module Project
A small 2 or 4 line LCD display for computer stats

6.3V 3A regulated supply
Simple 6.3V (adj) supply for a portable DVD player.

*** "Unimatrix Zero"
A small Beowulf Cluster

*** Wi-Fi Antenna (2.4GHz)
Stand by for details of my homebrew antenna when I build it
(Probably will try for a 'helix' but maybe a simple 'bow-tie' to start with)

"Homebrew Power Over Ethernet Cable"
supply power to a remote device via ethernet

*** Not all of these projects were completed to a point where I could finish writing them up but are mostly self-explanatory. Maybe I'll do it sometime but people can contact me if they want information about anything.

Last modified: 27th March 2013