BSG Season 2 Pistol Prop

(as seen in the reimagined Battlestar Galactica TV series)

The story continues from the season 1 handgun prop to the pistol seen in season 2 of Battlestar Galactica.

As mentioned in the other handgun prop page, I picked up a couple of replicas of the handgun props from the first and second seasons of the new BSG. These are hollow and made of rotary molded black plastic/resin. They are excellent quality with few surface flaws. This is the one that caused me customs problems due to our very strict firearms laws. Because it looks so much like the gun it is based on (FN-57), it is considered to be that gun under the act. I had to obtain a police licence to get customs to release it.

The gun as it comes from the mold.
BSG pistol

After finishing and painting it should hopefully look like this. (not my work)
BSG pistol

This handgun was based on a Fabrique Nationale FN-57 (5.7mm) handgun. A sort of grenade launcher was added on the slide under the barrel. Other than that it is the standard FN-57.

Some small bits of detail and surface work need to be done plus a couple of small modifications then the whole thing needs to be painted to look like real gunmetal and wood. I'm thinking of filling both props with shot to give them some weight.

More when I can back to writing this.

Thanks go to the members of the Replica Prop Forum who are so willing to share their time and skills with others.

Last modified: 3rd June 2010