The original Farnsworth prop is here.

A Video Communicator Prop (inspired by the Farnsworth)

(from the Warehouse 13 TV series)

This is not a prop from any TV show or movie but is inspired by the Farnsworth seen on Warehouse 13. I had a couple of cheap cigarette cases in my parts drawer which I thought might be fun to do something with. While working on the Farnsworth props, I thought I should make a pocket sized one as well. These cases seemed perfect. As this isn't an actual Farnsworth, it could have been so I might be calling it the "Philo" (after Philo Farnsworth)


So I starting looking about for what I could use for the various parts of this "prop". Since it has nothing in common with the other communicators and was much smaller everything had to be scaled down. I hoped I could use some things I had laying about. The faceplate would need to made. The fact that some people used the "domes" from the push/tap type lights designed for cupboards and closets, as screens for their Farnsworths, I thought there must be smaller versions. Ebay came to the rescue.

I found some cheap little push lights with 3 LEDs on Ebay and the clear "domes" were perfect for little screens.
screen screen

For the camera/sensor I decided to use the top of a 10mm white LED with clear lens, which I drilled out a little with a 5mm drill and painted the hole black. It fits in the middle of the faceplate atop a 5mm blue LED with clear lens inserted from underneath. I may or may not make it glow a little to give an electronic camera effect. The power light is a 3mm LED mounted in the top corner from underneath.
10mm LED

Trying to find knobs as small as I needed for this would be very hard so I decided to make some. Glancing through my parts drawer I found some computer case thumbscrews I thought these would work quite nicely if I filled with epoxy the screwdriver slots so they had flat tops. For skirts on the knobs I used two small metal washers with the hole reamed out a bit to accommodate the screws.
thumb screws

Parts list and links (note that links might be to overseas websites if I've not found appropriate local alternatives):

The case as stated earlier, is a cigarette case originally purchased on Ebay for literally just a few dollars (more now) including shipping. This particular case can be found here on Ebay (HK)
Cigarette case

The screen was on a push light found on Ebay here. (HK)
Push light

The LEDs I used were from my parts drawer but are available anywhere that electronics parts are sold.

The little 2mm Allen head screws around the screen can be found at specialist nut and bolt places or online. The holes in the faceplate were tapped to accept them.

The "thumb" screws used for the two small knobs can be bought at computer parts stores. The washers used for the skirt part of the knobs at hardware stores or nut and bolt stores.

More when I can back to writing this.

The original Farnsworth prop is here.

The "Claudia" Farnsworth prop is here.

Thanks go to the members of the Replica Prop Forum (RPF) who are so willing to share their time, skills and experience with others.

All parts used in this prop are available in stores here in Australia and/or on Ebay except the faceplate which I made.

Last modified: 1st November 2010