Holoband Headset Prop

(as seen in the Caprica TV series)

I'd very enjoyed the remake of Battlestar Galacica and when it ended a spinoff programm called Caprica was created. This a prequel and tells the story of the birth of the Cylons.

I thought it would be a good prop to try to build and someone from the Replica Prop Forum started a thread looking for screencaps. I started looking around for a suitable starting point and thought that parts of it seemed to be made from bluetooth phone headsets. So I bought a couple that looked right. The origin of one part is a mystery and might be scratchbuilt.


Since buying the bluetooth headsets the design changed in later episodes so now I don't know whether to build the older type, newer type or both. The newer ones look completely fabricated and of a really high standard.

I'm hoping to fit this prop with LED lighting effects just as the screen props have for added realism.

More when I can back to writing this.

Thanks go to the members of the Replica Prop Forum who are so willing to share their time and skills with others.

Last modified: 3rd June 2010