Some sci-fi related or inspired guns

I have been making some guns which are either from sci-fi TV shows or movies or inspired by sci-fi guns. I'm working on a couple at the moment and waiting for some electronic components to arrive so I can add a bit of "functionality". Some of the guns are just pure frivolity on my part. I had some bits laying around so I cut and glued them together. Basically they were made for practice as I hadn't done any of this sort of thing in a while.

Judge Dredd Lawgiver Pistol
Deckard's Pistol from Blade Runner
Terra Nova Sonic Pistol
Noisy Cricket from Men In Black
Green Hornet Gas Gun
Small Pistol inspired by Earth Final Conflict

I'll get some pics up as soon as I can.

I sent an email to the Weapons Licensing Branch of Queensland Police to find out just what can be imported into Australia with regard to replica guns. Many sci-fi gun props are based on real guns or replicas. Due to the very strict gun laws it can be very difficult to get a lot of things into the country.

It would be useful to be able to import "soft air" guns, or replicas of any kind or even "blueguns" which are used for training purposes. Replicas and blueguns are completely incapable of firing anything but are still considered guns. Our importation laws regarding guns are so strict that some items like cigarette lighters and game console controllers that closely resemble actual firearms may be refused entry.

In my state of Queensland, it is legal to own metal replica pistols without a licence as long as they cannot be made to fire anything, but nowhere in Australia is legal to have metal or plastic Airsoft guns as these can fire pellets and are therefore restricted. Unlike real pistols, there is no chance of getting a licence to obtain these type of guns.

Deactivated firearms require a gun licence and proof of deactivation by a certified person.

Blueguns seem to fall between the cracks somewhere and I can find no real info about owning them in Australia if one is not a certified training organisation.

Some replica prop gun kits may well require an import permit as they might closely resemble a real gun or be based on a real gun. Non-firing prop replicas only will be allowed. For instance a hollow resin single piece casting of a BSG pistol needed an import permit as it too closely resembled the real FN-57 pistol it was based on. Also a non-firing metal Blade Runner Deckard pistol prop replica kit seemed to not require an import permit though I had obtained one in case. A little inconsistent I think

Last modified: 25th May 2012