micro-Tesla Electric Gun Prop

(based on guns seen in the Warehouse 13 TV series)

I decided to make a tiny version of the Telsa gun prop along the lines of Claudia's mini-Tesla. This was created to go along with my mini-Farnsworth called Philo. It is based on a very small toy gun that looks like a miniature Deringer with a couple of small vacuum tubes.


The tiny Deringer was a metal cap gun that I found online and I cut it up and added a couple of small vacuum tubes that I had in a box. The trigger was made using pieces of styrene tube assembled to resemble the trigger on Claudia's mini-Tesla.

More when I can back to writing this.

Thanks go to the members of the Replica Prop Forum who are so willing to share their time and skills with others.

Last modified: 26th March 2013