Sliders Egyptian Timer Prop

timer used in some of the Sliders TV series

Well after deciding to build the Original timer, I decided I needed to have a set of timers. I thought I'd also build the Egyptian timer and the Dr Jensen timer aka the Rickman timer. I figured since I was doing a search for a phone for the Original Timer, I'd look for the bases used for the other Timers too.

The Egyptian timer has a unique look that is less "homebrew" than the Original timer and has a great metal scarab at its base. Shown below is the screen used prop along with two replicas made by RPF member Slider.

Egyptian Timer

The Egyptian timer prop was created using an RCA RCU4GLW Niteglo universal remote control. I added that to my searches and again recently found a couple online along with another almost identical model in case I want to build two of them. Well why not?


Like the other Timers there is acrylic/perspex sheeting (red) over the displays and a keypad. The keypad on the original prop was non-functional but a correct looking one can be made using a 3x4 matrix 87 series Grayhill keypad in a layout of three rows of four switches. The keytops are rotated 90 degrees from how they are required but this can be achieved by pulling apart the keypad and turning them around.


Dan from Lightbenders now has a great electronics board for people wanting all the bells and whistles. It is expensive but really nicely made and the program is upgradeable.


The metal scarab at the bottom was obtained from another forum member juno and is made from etched magnesium.


I plan to make one with all the blinky bits and one with static displays.

More when I can get back to writing this.

Last modified: 26th March 2013