Sliders Dr Jensen Timer Prop

aka the Rickman timer as it was used by Colonel Rickman

As mentioned before, after deciding to build the Original Timer, I decided I needed to have a set of Timers. This hobby is addictive. I thought I'd also build the Egyptian Timer and the Dr Jensen Timer aka the Rickman Timer. I figured since I was doing a search for a phone for the Original timer, and remote for the Egyptian timer, I'd look for the base used for this prop too.

The prop used for the Timer built by Dr Jensen was created using a Sega Genesis game controller. Of course it couldn't be the standard Sega controller but a third party one sold by Toys'R'Us labelled "High Frequency" (also available as a "Mad Kats" controller). Also it was the 3 button controller not the 6 button one which has the wrong number of holes which we'll be using for mounting LEDs. I have procured a couple of the correct controllers and aside from the keypad the rest is created.

Like the other Timers there is acrylic/perspex sheeting over the displays and a keypad. The keypad on the original prop was non-functional but a correct looking one can be made using eight single 87 series Grayhill pushbuttons in a layout of two columns of four switches.

I will probably build this prop with static displays but might make a second one with working displays at some point too.

More when I can get back to writing this.

Last modified: 26th March 2013