Logan's Sliders Timer Prop

the Timer build by Logan St Clair

I thought I might also have a go at making Logan St Clair's Timer as seen in a couple of episodes.

Like the Egyption Timer this one was based on a remote control of some kind. It appears to be a universal remote from the One For All company but so far the exact model has not been identified. I have picked up a couple of similar looking remotes onlines which will need to be modified quite a bit to look like the Timer. There are no really clear close-up shots of this timer so it will be as close as I can guess some of it plus I may take a few liberties with the design. None of the buttons appear to be left in the remote; just the holes were they fitted.

I plan to also build this one with static displays only and a "vortex" opening light.

More when I can get back to writing this.

Last modified: 26th March 2013