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Peter's Prop Projects

(Some props or ideas for props from various TV shows and movies)

Babylon 5 PPG (Phased Plasma Gun)

Warehouse 13 Props
Claudia's Farnsworth
Password cracker
Philo (inspired by the Farnsworth)

Fringe Shapeshifter box

Caprica Holoband headset

Star Trek Props
"The Cage" Laser Pistol
Original Series Phaser
Next Generation Cricket Phaser
Nemesis Dolphin Phaser
Voyager "Endgame" Medical Tricorder

Battlestar Galactica Pistols
Original Blaster
New Season 1 Pistol
New Season 2+ Pistol

Sliders Timers
Original Timer
Egyptian Timer
Dr Jensen's Timer
Logan's Timer

Miscellaneous pistol/gun projects.

General Props Page
(miscellaneous props I have made and some from others)

I will document these builds as best I can with as much information as I can including parts lists for "found parts" and links where possible.

Last modified: 26th May 2013